Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pak V Aus: Was Sydney Test Fixed? ICC Investigates!

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Well again the Pandora Box of Match-Fixing in Pakistan Cricket has been opened. I feel very sorry to see Pakistani cricketers been accused of match-fixing. This is not new though. We have already talked about Match-Fixing phenomenon right after the Australian tour of Pakistan Cricket team in the previous post.

So what’s new then? Actually a video is being shown on different news channels and on the web in which Pakistani Cricketers are shown expressing their views in front of the Probing Committee of Pakistan Cricket Board, which was formed to investigate the worst ever tour of Pakistan team to Australia. In this video, team management raised their concerns about the possible involvement of some players in Match-Fixing during the Austrlia-New Zealand tour of the Pakistan team.

In the same video, players like Shahid Afridi and Mohammed Yousaf, who captained the side during the tour have criticized Shoaib Malik for his back-biting, negative behavior, indiscipline and politics. Now these are some serious allegations. But I am surprised that such a player has only got a ban of 1 year and a 20 million rupee fine. And players like Mohammed Yousaf and Younis Khan have been banned for indefinite period, although they were not charge with such severe allegations.

I always wonder, why these ‘great’ heroes of Pakistan Cricket, sell their
national pride for a small sum of money. The Match-Fixing is a monster which has swallowed the pride of Pakistan Cricket; it has brought shame, disrespect and humiliation to the Pakistan Cricket and disappointment for the Die-hard lovers of Pakistan Cricket.

In one of my earlier posts, I had strongly supported the bans, fines on Pakistan Cricket. But at that time, it was not clear that one of the reasons behind these penalties were Match-Fixing. I can’t understand why the hell in this world only Pakistan Cricket players are accused of Match-Fixing. Why Pakistan Cricket heroes sell their identity, their pride, the love of their fans for earning a few dollars? Are they morally dead?

The top names coming up as match-fixers include that of: Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik and Rana Naveed ul Hassan.

Shaoib Malik has always been controversial, ever since he plotted a pre-planned defeat in the First National Twenty20 championship in Pakistan, when he was leading Sialkot Stallions team, saying that he wanted to take revenge from another team by not allowing that team to qualify for the Semi-finals.

I admire Kamran Akmal as a batsman, but his wicket keeping has been pathetic. And the way he kept the wicket in Sydney Test in Australia, it generated lots of controversies.

However, the funniest thing is that the three players of Pakistan Cricket team who are reportedly involved in the Match-Fixing, have only received a ban for 1 year (Shoaib Malik & Rana Naveed ul Hassan) and Rs.3 Million (Kamran Akmal). Whereas Younis Khan and Mohammed Yousaf were handed Indefinite Ban although they are not involved in match-fixing. Why is that so? Only Pakistan Cricket Board can tell!

I am happy that Indian cricketers are not involved in Match-Fixing although, they are earning much more than Pakistani cricketers and Cricket is much more Commercialized in India than in Pakistan. I don't know why Pakistani Cricketers are always said to have involved in Match-Fixing?

Finally, I strongly believe that ICC should wake up and intervene into this matter. I don’t think PCB has the courage and sincerity to look into this matter. ICC must take these allegations seriously and ensure that the culprits in Pakistan team are given a life-time ban.

Your Turn Now: Should ICC Handle the match-fixing issue? Is Shoaib Malik a Bad Man of Pakistan Cricket? Should he get a life-ban? Which of the Pakistani Cricket Players do you think are involved in Match-Fixing? Or Anything Else…Tell in Your COMMENTS!


Ashish khare said...

Yupp pakistani players dont have the ability to play n they love to create oppurtutunities for controversies they pakistani team was finished wid 2007 WC

Zax said...

this is ridiculous... i haven't read the whole article because i thought its just next to wasting my time!!! I am quite amazed with the comments posted by Mr. Ashish Khare that Pak players dont have the ability to play :).. these problems occurs because of the fact that PCB is not strong and has no vision for the betterment of pak cricket....while all other cricket boards including BCCI are very strong and have good say in ICC! Pak's cricket board is under the influence of politics which is actually hampering the players' position. As far as talent and guts are concerned, I think Paki team is the most talented in the business because performing under immense pressure is something which you can relate to just Pakistani team.... no other team can play like this... :)

Ulabsay said...

Of course the Pakistani team have the ability. There is however a mental aspect to the game and the political issues are always in the back of pakistani crickets' minds. They are not switched on mentally due to all the distractions provided by the country of Pakistan.

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