Saturday, March 27, 2010

Will IPL Survive?

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Well it’s a difficult question to answer, isn’t it? The Indian Premiere League (IPL) has come up with a bang. Everyone in the Cricket World, especially in India, is talking about IPL, the Indian Premiere League. How long IPL Indian Premiere League (IPL) will survive?

Let’s have a look at the top pros and cons of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) on Indian Cricket, Asian Cricket, and International Cricket:

 IPL Pros:

IPL generates money: The Indian Premiere League is a unique platform where every cricket player, international or local Indian cricket players, can earn billions of dollars for a single season. No other cricket league provides such huge revenues for cricketers like the Indian Premiere League (IPL) does.

IPL as platform for Young Indian Cricketers: The Indian Premiere League (IPL) is providing a great platform for the local, upcoming Indian Cricket players. These youngsters have the wonderful opportunity to play with stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Adam Gilchrist, Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas, Kumar Sangakara, Shane Warne, Brett Lee… and the list goes on and on. Indian Premiere League (IPL) also provides a huge opportunity for the youngsters to get exposure, get experience to play under pressure and of course, earn a lot of money.

IPL Has Glamour: The Indian Premiere League not only provides money, but it has all the glamour from the Indian Film Industry the Bollywood. Hot Indian Actress

Monday, March 22, 2010

IPL Expands… But Why?

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The Indian Premiere League (IPL) is expanding. Two more teams, Kochi and Pune have been added for the next season of the most lucrative Cricket league, the Indian Premiere League (IPL). This means that the Indian Premiere League 4 will feature 10 teams and the number of matches will be increased from 60 to 94.

IPL or the Indian Premiere League has been phenomenal in terms of its Impacts on Cricket . However, the IPL has created enough doubts over the future of Test, ODIs cricket. Money, obviously, has been the biggest motive behind the success of Indian Premiere League (IPL). And the new bids for Pune and Kochi have shown the financial power of IPL.

The Sahara Group won the bid and bought the Pune team for a huge amount of US$ 370m (Indian Rs. 168,275,82923), to buy the most

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Impact Of IPL On Cricket: Positive Or Negative?

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Author: Sana Khan 

IPL-The Indian Premiere League is now one of the Hottest Topics on the planet, especially in India, Pakistan, and all the Cricket-playing nations. Ever since its start, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) has created a wonderful hype; everyone in the Cricket world is talking about Indian Premiere League (IPL), the impact of Indian Premiere League (IPL) on the other forms of Cricket (ODIs & Tests), the combination of Indian Premiere League (IPL) & Bollywood (the Indian film industry) and so on and so forth.

There is no doubt that Indian Premiere League (IPL) has given a new identity to Cricket, especially to the Twenty20 (T20) form of Cricket. It started way back in 2007 when Kapil Dev-led Indian Champions League (ICL) started organizing the Independent (or Rebel) Twenty20 Champions League. ICL could only manage to hold 2 seasons though. To counter the rebel ICL, the BCCI (Board for Cricket Control-India) came up with the idea of Indian Premiere League (IPL). Indian Premiere League or IPL took the shape of

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Match-Fixing: Which Pakistan Cricket Players Are Involved & Why?

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This has not happened for the first time with Pakistan Cricket supporters. Yes I am talking about Match-Fixing in Pakistan Cricket. When everyone in Pakistan, support the Pakistan Cricket Team, they pray for their national Cricket team’s success, they talk about Pakistan Cricket Team and Pakistan Cricket players with great passion, love and respect. Why these ‘great’ heroes of Pakistan Cricket, sell their national pride for a small sum of money. The Match-Fixing is a monster which has swallowed the pride of Pakistan Cricket; it has brought shame, disrespect and humiliation to the Pakistan Cricket and disappointment for the Die-hard lovers of Pakistan Cricket.

Why am I writing about Match-Fixing today? Because I just read news about a Senate’s Committee of Sports, who has held a meeting with top brass of Pakistan Cricket Board, including Mr. Ejaz Butt, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. After the session, the senators told the media that “We have witnessed some solid evidence suggesting that more than one player of the current Pakistan Cricket team was involved in match-fixing”. The senators also said that the “evidences were circumstantial but convincing”.

In one of my earlier posts, I had strongly supported the bans, fines on Pakistan Cricket (you can read this post to know the reasons why I supported the decision).  But at that time, it was not clear that one of the reasons behind these penalties were Match-Fixing. I can’t understand why the hell in this world only Pakistan Cricket players are accused of Match-Fixing. Why Pakistan Cricket heroes sell their identity, their pride, the love of their fans for earning a few dollars? Are they morally dead?

It has been confirmed that Ex-captains of Pakistan Cricket team, Younis Khan, Mohammed Yousaf, and Shahid Afridi were not involved in Match-Fixing. And I firmly believe (somehow) that none of these players can be involved in such a criminal activity as Match-Fixing. However, the reports suggest that the players of Pakistan Cricket Team who are involved in Match Fixing

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Does IPL Need Bollywood Stardom?

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The much-awaited day has come for Cricket Lovers: The Indian Premiere League (IPL) takes off with an impressive show, also featuring the hot Indian Actress Deepika Padukone. This is the third addition of Indian Premiere League (IPL).
Last year the Indian Premiere League – IPL – was played in South Africa (also called IPL Doosra) due to security concerns in India. This years’ Indian Premiere League is more special because of the hype it has created for the last two seasons.
Indian Premiere League or the IPL is over-shadowing the Cricket world with its glamor, commercialism, competition, and stardom (both from Bollywood and the Cricket world). Indian Premiere League (IPL) has created such a strong base in the Cricket World that it has strengthened the position of India in the world of Cricket.

Indian Premiere League – IPL – has made a great impact on the world of Cricket. Although, this year IPL has created controversies when

Friday, March 12, 2010

Indefinite Ban on Younis, Yousaf: Pakistan Cricket in Shambles?

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I was shocked (just like all of you) when I heard this news. Pakistan Cricket got a bad day. There were media reports about one year ban on Pakistan Cricket players, Shoaib Malik and Rana Naveed-ul-Hassan and fines on Shahid Afridi (the Boom Boom of Pakistan Cricket), Kamran Akmal, and Umer Akmal, but no one was expecting a lifetime ban on players like Younis Khan and Mohammed Yousaf who are the backbone of Pakistan Cricket Team.

In the last post I had discussed about the Pakistan Cricket Board Committee’s Recommendation on Bans, Fines of Pakistan Cricket Players. In that post I had supported the committee’s recommendations for the ban and fine on Pakistan Cricket Players citing the different reasons. However, when I read the news about the lifetime ban on Mohammed Yousaf and Younis Khan, I was totally surprised. Both them are the most senior, experienced and skillful batsmen in the Pakistan Cricket Team.

So, what’s my take on this decision from Pakistan Cricket Board? Well, I totally support the Bans and Fines on Pakistan Cricket Players. I know some of the bans (especially the ones imposed on Mohammed Yousaf & Younis Khan) seem to be a bit harsh, but let me tell you

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PCB Committee Recommends Ban, Fines on Pakistan Players: Right Or Wrong?

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At last there is some ‘good’ news from PCB: The board’s committee designed to probe the Pakistan’s pathetic tour of Australia earlier this year, has come up with some solid decisions. The committee led by Waseem Bari, has recommended the PCB to do the following actions:

>Ban on Rana Naveed-ul-Hassan & Shoaib Malik for 12 months; 

>Fines of Rs.3 Million each on Shahid Afridi, Umer Akmal, and Kamran Akmal.

Why I call this as good news: Well, I just posted the last story about The Dilemma of Pakistan Cricket! in which I  talked about the underlying reasons behind the pathetic performance of Pakistan Cricket team. Among other problems I pointed out that the lack of accountability is the core problem facing Pakistan Cricket. And today, at least the PCB has taken actions against some of the culprits in the team.

The recommendations of the committee are not surprising at all. I personally feel, and I believe most of the cricket fans feel the same way, that there are groupings in the team; players are not playing for the team; players are rather playing for

Monday, March 8, 2010

The dilemma of Pakistan Cricket!

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Have you ever thought why there are so many problems with Pakistan Cricket or any other sport for that matter, like Hockey?

Believe you me, like all of you, I am also disappointed with the performance of Pakistan Cricket team in the recent times. Except from the T20 World Cup, Pakistan’s performance has been rather humiliating. But what is more important is the reason behind such a ‘consistent’ poor show. Well, of course there are many reasons behind the Pakistan cricket disaster. But I believe the root cause is Politics!

To me, the major reason is the way the institutions are run in Pakistan; like other institutions, the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board or the Pakistan Hockey Federation (for that matter) are appointed by the President of Pakistan. There is no criteria whatsoever that can be followed in this process. Since nothing in Pakistan is free of politics, the appointment of the head of PCB is mainly undertaken on

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does Shoaib Akhter Deserve A Place in Pakistan Team?

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The man who hit the 100 miles per hour speed milestone in fast bowling, not too long before but today he is struggling to make his place in the Pakistani National Cricket Team: Yes you are right, I am talking about Shoaib Akhter.

Shoaib has had a very short but volatile career on the field. Since his debut in Test Cricket against the West Indies in 1997 at his home ground Rawalpindi, Shoaib has spent little time in the field than in courts, press conferences, gossips, controversies etc.

Now, the current board has declared that Shoaib Akhter’s international career has come to an end! The Rawalpindi Express has played the last test in 2007 against India; about 4 years back… that’s a lot of time guys!

I tell you what, I don’t agree to the most of decisions and comments made by the Ejaz \Butt-led PCB. However, I don’t find any arguments against this one! It’s sad enough to say such words about a player of Shaoib’s caliber. He is fast, furious and deadly, but only if he is fit.

Among other things that have kept Shoaib out of the ground, poor fitness has been the major hurdle. I know he gets unfit because

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pakistan’s New Chief Selector For Seperate T20 Team

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has appointed the former classic opener Mohsin Hassan Khan, as the new Chief Selector of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Mohsin, while addressing to his first press conference in this new capacity, said that he would suggest the board to set up a separate national team for Twenty20 cricket. He pointed out that the Twenty20 Cricket has spoiled the performance of Pakistani team in the other forms of the game, that is, One Days and Tests. He also maintained that apart from players like Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Saeed Ajmal, Fawad Alam and Umer Gul; no other player is capable of playing all forms of Cricket equally well.

I personally admire Mohsin Khan for his honest career and passion for Cricket. I also agree to whatever he said in his press conference. Pakistan truly needs a specialized T20 side. In the past there were the same teams for both the Tests and ODIs.

However, the T20 has completely changed the scenario. It’s about hitting sixes, playing fast, slogging, and entertainment. Players in a T20 match hardly think about staying on the wicket, building partnership, taking singles, keeping wickets intact etc. All they want in a T20 match is big hits and rightly so. But all this has affected the performance of the players in ODIs and Test matches. We have seen that in the last few years,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waqar Younis: Pakistan's New Coach

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At last the news has come for which everyone was waiting. Waqar Younis, the former Pakistani Speedster has been appointed as the Head Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team.  One of his team-mates, Ijaz Ahmed will assist him in the coaching of the National Team.  Ijaz is also the coach of the country’s Under-19 Cricket Team which has recently played the final of the ICC U-19 World Cup.  In addition to that, a foreign consultant will also accompany the team for the forthcoming tour of England.

Well. I am not very hopeful about Waqar’s appointment as the national team’s head coach. First of all, this is not the first time he is given this responsibility. He has been with the team in the latest tour of Australia, which has turned out to be the worst ever tour of a Pakistani team to Australia. Not only that the Pakistani players performed poorly in the field, but the controversies surrounded them throughout the tour.  Lack of discipline, Match fixing, Ball tampering, Groupings, all sorts of issues were coming out from the dressing room.

I am unable to understand why PCB has
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