Tuesday, May 18, 2010

T20 World Cup-2010: A Cricket Failure?

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The World T20 Cup-2010 has come to end with a historical win of England. Yes, England the land where Cricket was born. But it is shocking for most of the people that this is the first ever ICC title for England in the history of Cricket.

I personally believe England truly deserved to win this title. They have been far much superior than any other team in this tournament. Even Australia had seen some ups and downs. Especially the Semi-final against Pakistan has been termed as the Match of the Tournament. Where Michael Hussy took simply demolished the Pakistan bowling to take his team into the finals.

Many people asked whether Pakistan deserved a place in the Semi-finals. But the way Pakistan played in the Semi-final against Australia all these mouths are shut now. Pakistan was the first team in the World T20 Cup-2010 that troubled Australia. And Pakistan always won the match, had Hussy not showed his powerful display of batting.

The most disappointing efforts came from
 India. The champions of the First T20 World Cup, Team India could not deliver good cricket except against South Africa in their group match. India lost all 3 matches of the Super-8 round by showing poor cricket.

After humiliating exit of team India from World T20, questions have been raised whether the Indian Premiere League (IPL) has made positive impact on Indian Cricket or Negative?

South Africa confirmed their label as “Chokers” in this World Cup. Started off nicely but when it mattered most, they couldn’t deliver. Another disappointing end was faced by New Zealand. The Kiwi team looked very promising but just could not pull things up to reach Semi-Final stages.

I was most disappointed by the performance of Sri Lanka. They were one of my favorites to start off, but their performance has been very dismal. Although they qualified for Semis but were beaten very convincingly by England.

Overall, this year T20 World Cup was a good one. Although there were no Upsets, the competition was interesting and it attracted a lot of eyes.

To me the best match of the Tournament was the 2nd Semi-Final between Pakistan and Australia. Both the teams played extremely well. The difference between the two teams was Michael Hussy.

Your Turn Now! Which One is Your Match of the Tournament? Are you Happy with results of the T20 World Cup-2010? Do you think England deserved the victory? Do you think T20 Cricket will Flourish at the Cost of Test Cricket? Or Anything Else…Tell in Your COMMENTS


Vinit said...

Who are you by the way??? and who are you to say that IPL has bad influence on Indian cricket?? I dont think you are a professional journalist are even have had any understanding of cricket. The nature of T20 cricket is very volatile, it does not show the strength of a side, on any day any team can win...the mettle of a teams ability is known by the One Day or Test Cricket rating...so shut your mouth and leave cricketing jounalism else you will be hit with rotten tomatoes.. do you get that ? and I can safely bet by yor article that you are a Pakki again

Sana Karim said...

Well Vinit, you have doubts about the writer's understanding of Cricket. I doubt your level of knowledge and mannerism. People like you are mentally retards. You can not stop discriminating. By the way, this is a blog and for your kind information, this person has all the rights to say whatever he/she believes in. So shut your mouth and stop blaming Pakistanis for all your failures.

Pak did much better than India. That's your narrow mindedness. You people can not accept a little criticism on your team. Imagine, what Muslims are feeling with the kind of blasphemy people like you are practicing against our Prophet Peace be upon Him.

And when Muslims protest against all this, you so called civilized people make fun of us.

I know its a Cricket Blog, but just to mention discrimination of people like you, I said all this.

Murtaza Moiz said...

Brother edit this statement that Pakistan was the only team who gave tough time to Australia!

Else great article keep it up!

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