Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pakistan Team for Asia Cup, England: Something Missing?

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I am astonished by the way Pakistan Cricket Board is running the Cricket affairs. PCB has taken back a number of decisions which they made haphazardly. Recently, PCB has announced a 35-member probable Pakistan Cricket squad for Asia Cup and the England Tour.

Shahdi Afridi has been given the charge of Captaincy in all the 3 formats of the game. Many people question his captaincy in the Tests when he has not played the longest form of the game for the last 4 years. However, I think with the limited options PCB has, Afridi may the ideal candidate for the job.

And if you appoint Afridi as Captain in ODIs and T20, then who will lead the side in Test?
You may take different names but do you think in the current situation of the team, when all the senior players are fighting with each other, how the team will focus on their game? They will again involve in in-fighting, grouping, and politics.

So, I don’t have any problem with Afridi leading the Test side. Moreover, Afridi is a utility player. He can deliver in different forms, batting, bowling fielding and most importantly, he has the attitude and the aggressiveness which a captain needs to lead a side like Pakistan.

Although, I would have supported Younis Khan as a captain but unfortunately it is an open secret that senior players have formed a group and they will not support Younis.

Some people are also mentioning Salman Butt as potential test captain. But I think except Afridi and Younis Khan, there is no one in the team who has the potential to lead the side. Salman Butt lacks consistency in batting and most of the times his inclusion in the side is doubtful.

Instead of Salman Butt, I think Kamran Akmal is a better option as captain. But Akmal has a couple of problems. First of all, his performance as wicket keeper is not impressive, in fact sometimes it’s pathetic.  Secondly, Kamran is a controversial figure as his name has been mentioned for more than once in Match-Fixing row. His indiscipline is also a problem for him.So Afridi leading the side in all 3 formats is justifiable.

I appreciate the two decisions that selection committee has made: First, the inclusion of Younis Khan and secondly the exclusion of Misbah ul Haq. Its good that Misbah-ul-Haq has been dropped at last. He has been ‘consistently not performing’. Now I know what he will do: He will play the domestic cricket, smash centuries against the young, inexperienced bowlers, and would say “See, I can perform, I need my place back in the national side”. This is ridiculous. I don’t think Pakistan team needs him anymore.

The most controversial decision to me was that of selection of Shoaib Malik. According to the Leaked Video of the PCB Probing Committee, almost all the senior players and team management have criticized Shoaib Malik for his negative role, indiscipline, grouping, politics, ill-manner, and non-supporting attitude towards captain. Still, PCB has decided to include him into the side. Shoaib has a bad influence on the team, but PCB chairman has already said, he was under pressure to lift the ban from Shaob Malik. So, I think it’s clear why Shoaib has been included in the team.

Another controversial selection is that of Shoaib Akhter. But I believe if Shaoib Akhter is fit, he is an asset for Pakistan Cricket. But it all depends on how fit he is and how disciplined will he remain? Only time will tell.
So, this is our analysis on the selection of the Pakistan squad for Asia Cup as well as England tour.

Your Turn Now: What you think about the Pakistan team selection for Asia Cup & England Tour? Should Afridi lead Pakistan in Test Matches? Should the banned players be included in the team? Or Anything Else, Tell in Your COMMENTS!


nadeem khan said...

Well, I think Shahid Afridi Does Not Deserve to lead the side. He was involved in many cases of indescipline. He should be banned from playing cricket for Pakistan

Basharat said...

I'm agree with you Shahid Afridi is best Captain for Pakistan this situation.

soccer said...

I think Shahid Afridi is the best choice we have at the moment so we should stick to it.

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