Monday, May 3, 2010

ICC T20 World Cup-2010: An India-Pakistan Comparison

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In Twenty20 Cricket you will find two strongest teams: Pakistan and India. India was the champion of the first T20 World Cup in 2008, while Pakistan was the champion in the 2nd T20 World Cup in 2009. And this is the third edition of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup-2010. All eyes are again on these two teams, who will win, who will lose in T20 World Cup-2010? India and Pakistan have played both group matches in the ICC T20 World Cup-2010. I thought it’s a good time to compare the performance of both these teams in T20 World Cup-2010 so far.

India and Pakistan are archrivals and when these two play, it’s not easy to sit calmly in front of the TV set, especially, if you are an Indian or a Pakistani. India, Pakistan Cricket rivalry has been adding beauty to the game ever since they played each other for the first time. Especially, their record in Twenty20 World Cup has been outstanding against each other.

India and Pakistan, both have started T20 World Cup-2010 as favorites. However, India has
shown that IPL fatigue has not made any adverse affects on their performance in the T20 World Cup-2010. India has won their first match against the minnows Afghanistan quite convincingly with 7 wickets. In the 2nd match in Twenty20 World Cup-2010, India managed to steal a relatively closer match against South Africa. India won this match with 15 runs, thanks to a belligerent century from Suresh Raina. MS Dhoni has also been phenomenal with his captaincy in T20 World Cup-2010.

Talk of Pakistan, the Defending Champions in the T20 World Cup-2010. Well, it has not been a different start of the tournament for the green shirts, as they did in the last T20 World Cup in England, which they won eventually. They lost their warm-up to Zimbabwe. Then, in the first match of T20 World Cup-2010, they were able to contain the Bangladeshi batsmen to win by 21 runs. And in the next match, they lost to Australia by 34 runs, somewhat convincingly. Pakistan has to play much better if they want to keep their chances alive in T20 World Cup-2010.

Now what? India has already qualified for the Super-8 round of the Twenty20 World Cup-2010 by winning both of their group matches. Pakistan, is not yet sure whether they have a seat in Super-8 round of the T20 World Cup-2010 or not? This is because if Bangladesh beats Australia, Pakistan may have to book a ticket for Karachi this week.

But this is surely not the end of the exciting T20 World Cup-2010. Pakistan has the capacity to boost their game just when it really matters. Believe me it’s not over yet for Pakistan. However, they have problems: Lack of experience, Batsman not in forms, bowlers not consistent, fielding not as par, Afridi has not been able to use flexible tactics etc. Still, Pakistan is a team that is totally unpredictable. So watch out for them in T20 World Cup-2010!

As far as India is concerned, they have started their Campaign in T20 World Cup-2010 in an ideal fashion. However, T20 is a totally unpredictable format of cricket. So Dhoni-11 needs to be on their toes all the time in the next round of T20 World Cup-2010.

Your Turn Now: Will Pakistan Qualify for Super-8 round of T20 World Cup-2010? Who will win the T20 World Cup-2010, India, Pakistan or other Team? Who is a Better Captain: Shahid Afridi or M.S. Dhoni? Tell us in your COMMENTS!


sushil pandey said...

their is no comparison between dhoni and afridi dhoni is no.1 captain in the world having lots of potential cool n keeping concentrate all the time with very good leadership quality n these all things afridi have to improve n learn.bout who will win the T20 this year then there r 3 favorite team India,australia n south africa. i think india will win this year.for pakistan NO CHANCE dear..

Anonymous said...

nah ... pakistan does everything in last minute. be careful, coz they take the last chances which makes the gamemore exciting,

watch out

Anonymous said...

M S has capacity to turn game with his tactics.Shahid is to rigid and unmature captain.Cricket is funny game and also unpridictable.

Anshul Mishra said...

It amuses me to come across the insanity and stupidity of the fans of team India. Don't get me wrong, I am an Indian and a Hindu and have never been to Pakistan or any other country for that matter as yet, so there is no use making assumptions about my nationality and abusing other countries.

Getting back to the topic, Pakistan has a win percentage of nearly 80 in T20's while India is limping around in the 50's somewhere. The former is a one time finalist and a one time winner in this format, while India's performance has been erratic to say the least. Even in the ODI's Pakistan has nearly double the win percentage to that of India's in head to head games. Yet my countrymen have the guts to point fingers at teams better than our own shitty one. Little do these sick minds realize that such behavior only shows our own inferiority complex. India may be winning but it can never play the exciting brand of cricket that Pakistan does, accept and swallow the fact!

Lastly, Cricket is a gentleman's game and I think the only two teams that violate its purity and class are India and once in a while Australia. Never will you find a Pakistani, Sri Lankan, New Zealander or anyone for that matter being abusive or rude towards their opposition but Indian players, mostly Goo-tam Gambhir, Chudraj Singh, Praveen Chamaar, Zaleel Khan, Robin Goo-thopa, Shit Srisaanth and that Hijda Harbhajan et all are always abusive, even if they've gone for 20 runs in an over. Their shamelessness beats me big time!

There was a time when I was a die hard fan of my team, and I still am, but only when Sachin, Laxman or Dravid play. These for me, were the men of honor... not drunkards or abusers but real gentlemen.

Without them, it gives me immense pleasure to see India loose against each and every team possible. Gives me reason to party, and I'm really looking forward to my first BIG bash of 2010 when India are thrown out of the tournament and our players receive a kick up their backside. GO Australia, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka and South Africa. My favourite team for the year would be one that eliminates India.

By the way, I'm not coming back, so there is no point of you guys using hate speech, if any! I don't care about what you say or think, I'm proud of what I've written and I stand by it.

Anonymous said...

Indian cricket team is so used to spending and wasting time in parties that they can not perform on the field. Here's a post that explains the reasons why Indian cricket team lost the 3 games in the ICC World T20 cup:

I'm sick and tired of our players, they are good for nothing. And what a shame, they are dancing, laughing, having fun in TV serials and TV commercials. HOW CAN THEY LAUGH AT ALL after such a performance? Shame!

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Retrospect said...

There's no real shame in losing to Pakistan. It seems to be their natural game. Just wish India would focus on the longer forms domestically. Its evident the IPL is good for nothing but a night at the carnival.

Knight Khan said...

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