Friday, May 14, 2010

T20 World Cup-2010: India Out, Blame IPL

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Yes, the negative effects of IPL on Indian Cricket have started to come out. Team India has been thrown out of the ICC T20 World Cup-2010, being played in West Indies. India could not win a single match in the Super-8 round of the World T20 Cup and hence could not qualify for the semi-finals of the mega event.

India Cricket team has been performing outstandingly: Ranked No.1 in Test cricket and No.2 in ODIs. India also has the privilege of winning the first ever T20  World Cup back in 2008. So, what IPL has to do with the exit of Team India in the previous two T20 World Cup tournaments? Let’s try to find!

The biggest factor behind this failure is Indian Premiere League (IPL). Yes, it’s true. Indian Premiere League has taken its toll. The 45 day long cricket league has not only cricket, it included late night parties, hectic travel, extra pressure from franchise owners and a lot of money. Of course, players love all this. They enjoyed every bit of these activities and didn’t bother to keep an eye on their fitness to play the T20 World Cup-2010.

Yes, there are other international players who have played IPL but only Team India has
all its players playing almost all the matches of the IPL.

The Indian players were so tired that they didn’t even play a practice match before World Cup as Dhoni said that IPL has provided a good practice for T20 World Cup.

Listen Dhoni, Indian Premiere League only gives you money. It does not provide you with practice. You cannot compare IPL cricket with International Cricket. In IPL you have domestic cricket, mediocre bowlers, batting friendly pitches and small stadiums.

Another impact that IPL has made on Indian players are the pressure of Franchise owners. It has been reported that franchise owners kept on pressurizing the players to perform well. As a result, when these players got back to the national side, they went into a sort of comfort zone, without the pressure of franchise owners.

Certainly, Indian players were exhausted because of the long schedule of IPL. You can seen their body language, they were no way near of winning a match except their group match against South Africa. God knows what will happen next year when IPL will get even longer with addition of 2 more teams and 94 games in total means the IPL-2011 will take about 51 days to complete.

Secondly, Indian players were too much used to of playing the “Domestic Cricket” in IPL. They thought the same tactics and experience will benefit them in World Cup, needless to say, not to be though.

I think time has come when BCCI should take things seriously. BCCI must understand that it is not a body for earning profit. BCCI stands of Board for Cricket Control in India. But BCCI seems to be doing everything except controlling cricket. Come out of IPL-blindness and see what is happening in Indian Cricket!

Your Turn Now: Do You think IPL has to do something with Team India early exit from World Cup? Should IPL be banned? What should BCCI do to improve Cricket Team performance? Was the team selection correct? Or Anything Else… Tell in your COMMENTS!


Anonymous said...

i don' think IPL affected the team's performance as much as you are trying to make us believe. The main reasons imho are that the team was picked on reputation than form and the plan to pack the team with batsmen and part-time bowlers and spin, backfired. There was no backup plan when Plan A didn't work. Nannes is doing fine, eventho' he went through the entire IPL, KP doing alright, etc. Its a combination of factors and trying to isolate one reason and signing off all the blame to it is very short-sighted.

Somsubhro said...

BCCI stands for Board of Control for Cricket in India. The words have been interpolated in your passage. Plz check.Thanks.

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