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Let's Talk Cricket!

CricRoad is a blog exclusively dedicated to the Cricket. Pakistani nation is a die-hard lover of Cricket. We eat Cricket, we sleep Cricket, we drink Cricket. Now, let's Talk Cricket!

I know, Pakistani team is not in an excellent form. I know Pakistan can not host internetional Cricket matches at this time. I also know that people of Pakistan are worried about their team's future. But we can't help it by getting worried. We have to come up with suggestions, with criticism (constructive though), and with a lot of respect and love for this sport.

CricRoad is just like any other road in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta and any other city of Pakistan. Where people travelling in buses, cars, motor cycles, or walking on the footpath, talk about Cricket. They praise some player or criticize other. This blog is just like that, all you need to do is use your keboard and mouse to speak up!

I know this platform will provide a great way for the Cricket crazy Pakistani nation to share their words about Cricket!

So, let's talk Cricket guys!
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