Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Beginning for England Cricket, Is it?

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England, the Father of Cricket, has finally won an ICC title. The T20 World Cup-2010 played in Caribbean, has brought a new milestone for the English Cricket.

I am a big fan of English Cricket, they have produced a number of legendary players from Alec Bedser to Ian Botham all are Cricket Greats. But this is always shocking to know that England had never won an ICC title before this World T20.

England has been ruling the international cricket from the start. They got to the Finals of Cricket World Cup, in 1979, 1987, and 1992. In 1979, West Indies thrashed England. In 1987 Australia managed to overcome them and in 1992, the Imran Khan-led Pakistan team snatched the final from England. English Cricket team also managed to reach the ICC Champions Trophy in 2004, but West Indies did not allow them to win the trophy.

Was it only ‘bad luck’ that didn’t allow England to win the ICC title before this T20 World Cup-2010? Well, I don’t think so. I believe a lot has to do with the ability of English players to take pressure in the important games. You can label them as ‘Chokers’ too, like the South Africans.

But that’s a history now. I think the way English team played in the 3rd T20 World Cup, was phenomenal. It’s great to see that the Fathers of Cricket has been able to take their share from the World Cricket.

So, what makes this English Side superior than the previous ones?

One of the differences between the previous English teams and the current one is that they have a mixed bag. The ability of English Cricket to absorb all sorts of players from all sorts of backgrounds is admirable. For instance, English cricket has been served by South African players, including Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Craig Kieswetter, Michael Lumb, as well as Andrew Strauss and Matt Prior, cricketers from that heritage.

Paul Collingwood, the captain of the victorious side, should be given all marks for his leadership. He has the ability to lead from the front. Collingwood has led the team extremely well and whenever his side needed him, he delivered. Kevin Peterson was the other great difference between England and other sides. Michael Lumb, Trott, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan and Kieswetter, also showed their competence.

I think the most important factor in this English side is their confidence and positive attitude. They have the power to see into the eyes of competitors. It’s been a while to see such a fearless and well-drilled English side.

I believe English cricket has achieved a major milestone. Although it’s a T20 tournament, but one must appreciate the way these English players have performed as a team. Throughout the tournament they were focused, consistent and gave their 100 percent.

Let’s hope, this is the new beginning for England in the world of Cricket. But they have to prove this. Especially the next couple of months are important. England has to play the Ashes as well as a home series against Pakistan. Let’s see how the T20 World Champs play the test cricket!

Your Turn Now:  What do you say about England’s performance in T20 World cup? What difference do you see in England team of today to that of previous teams? Do you think it’s a new beginning for English Cricket? OR Anything Else…Tell in your COMMENTS!


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