Friday, March 12, 2010

Indefinite Ban on Younis, Yousaf: Pakistan Cricket in Shambles?

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I was shocked (just like all of you) when I heard this news. Pakistan Cricket got a bad day. There were media reports about one year ban on Pakistan Cricket players, Shoaib Malik and Rana Naveed-ul-Hassan and fines on Shahid Afridi (the Boom Boom of Pakistan Cricket), Kamran Akmal, and Umer Akmal, but no one was expecting a lifetime ban on players like Younis Khan and Mohammed Yousaf who are the backbone of Pakistan Cricket Team.

In the last post I had discussed about the Pakistan Cricket Board Committee’s Recommendation on Bans, Fines of Pakistan Cricket Players. In that post I had supported the committee’s recommendations for the ban and fine on Pakistan Cricket Players citing the different reasons. However, when I read the news about the lifetime ban on Mohammed Yousaf and Younis Khan, I was totally surprised. Both them are the most senior, experienced and skillful batsmen in the Pakistan Cricket Team.

So, what’s my take on this decision from Pakistan Cricket Board? Well, I totally support the Bans and Fines on Pakistan Cricket Players. I know some of the bans (especially the ones imposed on Mohammed Yousaf & Younis Khan) seem to be a bit harsh, but let me tell you
friends, as a die-hard fan of Pakistan Cricket, I am totally disappointed with the way Pakistan Cricket Team has performed in the last 3-5 months. Yes, teams do get defeated and players do perform below par, but what doesn’t happen anywhere else is that players don’t play with full devotion for their country! This only happens in Pakistn Cricket Team and this is really shameful.

I remember when we used to play cricket for our locality (Mohallah Cricket) all of us used to give our 100% to win the match by hooks or by crooks. Even we used to cheat just to win for our team. And what we are hearing from the team Pakistan Cricket stars is totally embarrassing and unbelievable. These Pakistan Cricket stars earn millions of dollars just because of their country Pakistan. Only because they play Cricket for Pakistan, they get offers from leagues all around the world, including the Indian Premiere League (IPL), and other leagues in Australia, England and even Bangladesh. These players don’t have any excuse for not giving their 100% for Pakistan Cricket Team.

As far as the ban on Mohammed Yousaf and Younis Khan is concerned, you can’t say that this ban is totally unjust. I firmly believe that both of these Pakistan Cricket Players have committed some blunders. They are the senior most players in the Pakistan Cricket Team and if they are found guilty they should face the consequences as well. Even if these two Pakistan Cricket players were not totally responsible for the disaster of Pakistan Cricket, they cannot be held innocent. By imposing ban on these 2 superstars of Pakistan Cricket, we can give a message to the other Pakistan Cricket team’s members especially the young players that they should behave in a disciplined and professional way.

I feel sorry to see that some of the Pakistan Cricket Analysts are criticizing Pakistan Cricket Board for this decision, without any solid reasons. They are only showing their dislike for the Pakistan Cricket Board and nothing else. Although I am not a big supporter of Pakistan Cricket Board, you can find posts on this blog in which I have criticized a number of decisions of Pakistan Cricket Board, but I firmly support PCB in this decision because of the embarrassment this team has brought to the name of Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket.

Final word: I believe that it’s better to include youngsters in the Pakistan Cricket team, who might not have the experience and stardom, but they will play for the Pakistan Cricket Team with the passion, devotion and complete sincerity. And this is what the Pakistan Cricket deadly needs!

That’s all from me. It’s your turn now guys! Tell me what’s in your mind? Do you support the decision of banning Mohammed Yousaf & Younis Khan for life? Do you want to say something against this decision? On any other thing you want to share? Tell us in your Comment!


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