Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waqar Younis: Pakistan's New Coach

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At last the news has come for which everyone was waiting. Waqar Younis, the former Pakistani Speedster has been appointed as the Head Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team.  One of his team-mates, Ijaz Ahmed will assist him in the coaching of the National Team.  Ijaz is also the coach of the country’s Under-19 Cricket Team which has recently played the final of the ICC U-19 World Cup.  In addition to that, a foreign consultant will also accompany the team for the forthcoming tour of England.

Well. I am not very hopeful about Waqar’s appointment as the national team’s head coach. First of all, this is not the first time he is given this responsibility. He has been with the team in the latest tour of Australia, which has turned out to be the worst ever tour of a Pakistani team to Australia. Not only that the Pakistani players performed poorly in the field, but the controversies surrounded them throughout the tour.  Lack of discipline, Match fixing, Ball tampering, Groupings, all sorts of issues were coming out from the dressing room.

I am unable to understand why PCB has
appointed Waqar as the Head Coach. His performance as bowling consultant in the Australian tour was pathetic. He was part of the team management which was responsible for the debacle in Australia and yet again PCB has awarded him a ‘bigger post’ for his ‘great’ performance in Australia?

Waqar’s class as a fast bowler is above any doubts. But when it comes to coaching other players, it doesn’t really matter how great a player you are yourself. It’s about transferring your skills to others, just like a great student doesn’t really mean he is a great teacher as well.

It looks as if Ejaz Butt-led PCB doesn’t have any plan. PCB looks like making the situation worse for Cricket in Pakistan. I wonder why the hell in this country there is no accountability of the people being given authority. 

This board, lead by Ejaz Butt, is responsible for dozens of debacles: The biggest debacle was the attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore due to lapse in security. Then Pakistan lost Cricket World Cup 2011; Then comes the Pakistani team’s worst ever tour of Australia. And lately, the IPL saga! And you know what’s the funniest thing, it’s that ICC has awarded Mr. Ejaz Butt for his valuable contribution to the Cricket. Wow! This decision has brought doubts over the credibility of ICC more than anything else! It’s just like US President Obama been given the Noble Prize for Peace…Give me a break!

OK! So, what you people think about this decision of PCB. Do you support Waqar’s appointment as the Head Coach of Pakistani team? Do tell me in your Comments! I am waiting guys!


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