Monday, March 22, 2010

IPL Expands… But Why?

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The Indian Premiere League (IPL) is expanding. Two more teams, Kochi and Pune have been added for the next season of the most lucrative Cricket league, the Indian Premiere League (IPL). This means that the Indian Premiere League 4 will feature 10 teams and the number of matches will be increased from 60 to 94.

IPL or the Indian Premiere League has been phenomenal in terms of its Impacts on Cricket . However, the IPL has created enough doubts over the future of Test, ODIs cricket. Money, obviously, has been the biggest motive behind the success of Indian Premiere League (IPL). And the new bids for Pune and Kochi have shown the financial power of IPL.

The Sahara Group won the bid and bought the Pune team for a huge amount of US$ 370m (Indian Rs. 168,275,82923), to buy the most expensive team in the Indian Premiere League (IPL). The second largest bid came from Rendezvous Sports, a consortium, for Kochi to be included in the Indian Premiere League 2011 season.

Undoubtedly, Lalit Modi, the commissioner of Indian Premiere League (IPL) is the happiest man on planet. He even went to say “We want to make Indian Premiere League (IPL) the richest sports league in the world”.  
Former Australian wicket keeper, Adam Gilchrist welcomed the expansion of Indian Premiere League (IPL) but denied that the money was the factor behind the IPL’s expansion. He said ‘Passion for Cricket in India’ was the biggest factor behind the success of Indian Premiere League. How Innocent!

Yes, there is a lot of passion for cricket in India. People love cricket religiously in India. But this love is not new. Indians love cricket ever since India won 1983 Cricket World Cup. Why Mr. Gilchrist or other western players didn’t come to India to play league Cricket? Why the Cricket Super Stars don’t go to Pakistan to play International Cricket? (because people of Pakistan are also crazy about Cricket.)

It’s only and only money, for which all these superstars of cricket are dying to play Indian Premiere League (IPL). And Mr. Gilchrist has gone so far in love for money that he quit the International Cricket to play Indian Premiere League (IPL). He preferred to play in Indian Premiere League (IPL) over playing for his country, Australia.

Adam Gilchrist is not the only one who left International Cricket to play Indian Premiere League (IPL). More and more players are retiring from international cricket to play in the Indian Premiere League (IPL). And the solo reason behind this is the money, huge money, Indian Premiere League (IPL) is providing them.

Indian Premiere League (IPL) has both positives and negatives. But to me, the negatives of Indian Premiere League (IPL) are more (in number) and greater (in impact) than its positives. I am waiting for the day when the ICC comes up and exercise some control over the Indian Premiere League (IPL). And this day has to come in the next couple of years. Otherwise, the International Cricket will suffer from the increasing strength of Indian Premiere League (IPL).

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I do not wish to spoil ur mood but here is a topic with a contrary view of IPL.

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