Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does Shoaib Akhter Deserve A Place in Pakistan Team?

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The man who hit the 100 miles per hour speed milestone in fast bowling, not too long before but today he is struggling to make his place in the Pakistani National Cricket Team: Yes you are right, I am talking about Shoaib Akhter.

Shoaib has had a very short but volatile career on the field. Since his debut in Test Cricket against the West Indies in 1997 at his home ground Rawalpindi, Shoaib has spent little time in the field than in courts, press conferences, gossips, controversies etc.

Now, the current board has declared that Shoaib Akhter’s international career has come to an end! The Rawalpindi Express has played the last test in 2007 against India; about 4 years back… that’s a lot of time guys!

I tell you what, I don’t agree to the most of decisions and comments made by the Ejaz \Butt-led PCB. However, I don’t find any arguments against this one! It’s sad enough to say such words about a player of Shaoib’s caliber. He is fast, furious and deadly, but only if he is fit.

Among other things that have kept Shoaib out of the ground, poor fitness has been the major hurdle. I know he gets unfit because
he is deadly fast, but an unfit fast bowler is the last thing a team would need in the ground.

But fitness was not the only problem with Shoaib. The controversy factor was always there. I feel very regret to see how Shoaib and Mohammed Asif have ruined their careers. Both these players were an asset and still are. But just when they were looking to create a deadly opening bowling pair for Pakistan (like Waqar & Wasim) they started to involve in controversies more often then they were involved in Cricket.

Asif is a great weapon for Pakistan and no doubt he has enough time to come back in the team and prove himself. But for Shoaib, I think it’s too late now! Recently he had to pull out of the National T20 tournament being played in Karachi.

However, Shoaib Akhter says it’s his dream to not only come back to the Pakistan side but to captain the team! Now that’s very optimistic. I don’t see any place for him in the team. One reason is because he is unfit (both physically and attitude wise – you know what I mean right?). And the other reason is that Pakistan, somehow, still has a number of fast bowling options to choose from. Umer Gul, Mohammed Asif, Sohail Tanvir, and the new bee Mohammed Amir; All these options make it more difficult for Shaoib to make a come-back.

As far as the dream of captaining the team is concerned, Shoaib please don’t be a part of already long-enough line-up of the ex-captains and wanna-be-captains of the current Pakistan team! I am fed up of this stuff. Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Mohammed Yousuf, Umer Gul, and now Shoaib Akhter – all of them want to be the captain of the team. I wonder, is there anyone in the team who wants to play for Pakistan. O God help us!

So guys, its your turn. Tell me what do you say? Should Shoaib Akhter come back to the Pakistani team? Should he lead the side? Does he deserve a place in the team? Tell me in your comments, hurry up…


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