Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pakistan’s New Chief Selector For Seperate T20 Team

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has appointed the former classic opener Mohsin Hassan Khan, as the new Chief Selector of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Mohsin, while addressing to his first press conference in this new capacity, said that he would suggest the board to set up a separate national team for Twenty20 cricket. He pointed out that the Twenty20 Cricket has spoiled the performance of Pakistani team in the other forms of the game, that is, One Days and Tests. He also maintained that apart from players like Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Saeed Ajmal, Fawad Alam and Umer Gul; no other player is capable of playing all forms of Cricket equally well.

I personally admire Mohsin Khan for his honest career and passion for Cricket. I also agree to whatever he said in his press conference. Pakistan truly needs a specialized T20 side. In the past there were the same teams for both the Tests and ODIs.

However, the T20 has completely changed the scenario. It’s about hitting sixes, playing fast, slogging, and entertainment. Players in a T20 match hardly think about staying on the wicket, building partnership, taking singles, keeping wickets intact etc. All they want in a T20 match is big hits and rightly so. But all this has affected the performance of the players in ODIs and Test matches. We have seen that in the last few years,
Pakistani batsmen have not been able to make big scores, especially in Tests.

So, is this problem is only with Pakistani team? Well, not really. I believe all the teams are facing this problem. But they are much more professional than our players. They take care of their fitness, training and health issues. They have a complete game-plan for every match they play. Most importantly, they are mentally tough. Unfortunately, Pakistani team lacks all this. Pakistani players are also not mentally tough. They succumb to the pressure quite easily.

Therefore, I would agree to Mohsin Khan in his advice for a separate T20 team of Pakistan. I believe this will not only create space for the new players but also the senior players will be given rest from playing non-stop cricket.

However, there is one problem with this set-up. The team’s combination will be disturbed for every form of Cricket. But I hope this will be dealt with by Mohsin Khan and his team. Because I am hopeless about the current Pakistan Cricket Board!

So, guys, what you think. Do you support Mohsin Khan’s idea of separate T20 team or are you against this concept? Tell me in your Comments guys. I am waiting!


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