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The Impact Of IPL On Cricket: Positive Or Negative?

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Author: Sana Khan 

IPL-The Indian Premiere League is now one of the Hottest Topics on the planet, especially in India, Pakistan, and all the Cricket-playing nations. Ever since its start, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) has created a wonderful hype; everyone in the Cricket world is talking about Indian Premiere League (IPL), the impact of Indian Premiere League (IPL) on the other forms of Cricket (ODIs & Tests), the combination of Indian Premiere League (IPL) & Bollywood (the Indian film industry) and so on and so forth.

There is no doubt that Indian Premiere League (IPL) has given a new identity to Cricket, especially to the Twenty20 (T20) form of Cricket. It started way back in 2007 when Kapil Dev-led Indian Champions League (ICL) started organizing the Independent (or Rebel) Twenty20 Champions League. ICL could only manage to hold 2 seasons though. To counter the rebel ICL, the BCCI (Board for Cricket Control-India) came up with the idea of Indian Premiere League (IPL). Indian Premiere League or IPL took the shape of
English Premier League in some manner where the private franchises manage the teams.

From the very start, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) got the support of all the Cricket boards in the world. India was already the revenue machine for the Cricket world, and with initiative of Indian Premiere League (IPL), India has strengthened its position in the Cricket world so much that it has taken the shape of monopoly in Cricket. Exclusion of Pakistan players from the third edition of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) has created controversies for Lalit Modi and the IPL. This has opened the door for the debate over how independent the Indian Premiere League (IPL) should be in its actions, since the IPL is going to affect the every Cricket playing nation and every Cricket player.

Money, no doubt, is the most influential part of Indian Premiere League (IPL). Cricketers have earned millions of dollars from a single edition of the Indian Premiere League (IPL). Players like Brett Lee, Shane Bond, and Adam Gilchrist have retired from Test Cricket as well as ODIs, much ahead of time, to get themselves free to play the most lucrative league, the Indian Premiere League (IPL).  Other players like Heath Streak, Shane Warne, and Sanath Jayasurya who have completely retired from the Cricket, made a return to the Cricket grounds thanks to the Indian Premiere League (IPL). That’s not all. There are reports that the legendary West Indian batsman Brian Lara might play the next edition of Indian Premiere League (IPL).

To me the biggest benefit the Indian Premiere League (IPL) has provided is for the young cricket players of India. Youngsters from all around India have the opportunity to play cricket with stars like Shane Warne, Rahul Dravid, Shane Bond, Sachin Tendulkar, Sanath Jayasurya, Adam Gilchrist and the list goes on and on. This is a huge thing for the young cricketers of India. They are playing with these stars, learning from them, getting inspirations from them, and don’t forget, they are earning millions of dollars in the mid of all this!

Another big benefit, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) seems to bring is that the whole Cricket World is getting closer to each other. Imagine, the Indian crowd is praying for Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi to hit a six and bring victory to the Deccan Chargers (although this is not possible in this edition of the Indian Premiere League). In similar situations, Indians will be praying to see Sachin Tendulkar gets clean bowled by Shane Warne. Only Indian Premiere League can bring this sensation.

But there are also some negatives about Indian Premiere League (IPL) or Twenty20 (T20). As mentioned above, cricketers have shown the tendency to quit the Test & ODIs to play Twenty20 (T20) cricket especially, the Indian Premiere League (IPL). The reason behind this tendency is, of course, that the Indian Premiere League (IPL) provides a unique opportunity to earn millions of dollars in a very little period, six weeks!

The Twenty20 (T20) cricket is just like a Quick Bang: it’s about playing and missing.  A sufficient amount of luck is required to be successful in Twenty20 (T20) cricket. Unfortunately, the class of players like Sachin Tendulkar does guarantee the success.

There are two basic schools of thoughts in their approach towards Indian Premiere League or Twenty20 (T20): One of them suggests that Indian Premiere League (IPL) or Twenty20 (T20) will ruin the Test Cricket. Nobody in the world will be as keen to play Test Cricket as he is to play Twenty20 (T20) or Indian Premiere League. Due to the same reason, youngsters are more keen to learn the techniques of twenty20 (T20) Cricket, instead of the more complex and difficult techniques of Test Cricket.

The other school of thought suggests that due to Indian Premiere League (IPL) and Twenty20 (T20), the youth, who did not like Test Cricket or ODIs, have started to see Cricket. But at the same time, other school of thought believes that the real cricket is the Test Cricket, and Twenty20 (T20) or Indian Premiere League (IPL) is far away from the real Cricket ideology.

To me Indian Premier League (IPL) needs to be controlled by ICC, the International Cricket Council. Why? Because there is lot of money involved in Indian Premiere League (IPL), Cricketers of high calibers are quitting their International Careers much ahead of time, just to play Indian Premiere League (IPL). Examples include Brett Lee, Shane Bond, and Adam Gilchrist. This is dangerous for the international cricket.  Players, even the top ones, are taking less interest in playing for their country and instead they prefer to play Indian Premiere League (IPL). After all the Indian Premiere League (IPL) leads to the short cut for the big money!

Another reason why I am asking ICC to have greater control over Indian Premiere League (IPL) is the controversy of excluding Pakistan Cricket Players from the third edition of IPL. This suggests that the Indian Premiere League (IPL) is going to create a lot other controversies like this one, if not controlled by the ICC.

Well, the debate about the impact of Indian Premiere League (IPL) and Twenty20 (T20) seems to be never-ending. Everyone has his own version of thought.

But I have to stop here. Your turn guys: Share your views about Indian Premiere League? Do you like it or not? Why? What impact in your view IPL has made on International Cricket. And how do you see the future of IPL? Share in Your Comments NOW!


Anonymous said...

I dont think any cricket fan would actually like the idea of IPL format.Its all about amalgamation of money,corporate,bollywood & then cricket.

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great article

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