Friday, June 25, 2010

Worst Ever Pakistan Cricket Team For England?

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Well, Pakistan Cricket Board has done it again! Pakistani Cricket team is due to tour England from the next week where Pakistan Cricket Team is going to play against the hosts, England, and the World Champions Australia.

What Pakistan Cricket Board has done this time is not new though. The one-man show continues to run in PCB. Mr. Ejazz Butt, the king of Pakistan Cricket, is absolutely free to make decisions. It only happens in Pakistan Cricket, that the Chairman of Cricket Board announces the team in the Press Conference with the Chief Selector sitting beside him during Asia Cup-2010!

As expected, the Pakistani Cricket Team announced for England tour has raised many eye-brows. The Pakistani Cricket team includes names like Shoaib Malik, Imran Farhat, and Kamran Akmal and excluding Younis Khan, Asim Kamal, Abdul Rahman and Sarfaraz Ahmed.

The most unfortunate news is that Pakistani Cricket team’s

Captain, Shahid Afridi & the chief selector Mohisin Khan, both wanted to include Younis Khan for the England tour in Pakistani team but the great Ejazz Butt did not give “Clearance” for it. So, one lesson for all the Pakistani Cricket players: if you want to be in the team, you don’t need to perform well, or win the World T20 Cup for your team, all you need to do is maintain healthy relationships with the Pakistan Cricket Board officials, especially, His Excellency Mr. Ejazz Butt.

Tell me, does Pakistan team need Shoaib Malik? This man has spoiled the environment of Pakistan Cricket team, involved in match-fixing, grouping, indiscipline and what not…but because he has some good ties with some high-level government officials/politicians, Shoaib Malik has been immediately included in the team, ever since his ban was lifted.

And Kamran Akmal, the wicket keeper of Pakistan’s cricket team, has been selected consistently, despite his dismal performance with the gloves. I admire his batting performance, but the poor show behind the stumps has greater impact than good batting for Pakistan Cricket team.

Imran Farhat has been included in the team, despite his inconsistency and habit of getting out cheaply. It has been learnt that Imran Farhat’s Father-in-law Mohammed Ilyas is a national Cricket selector, so this justifies his selection. Oh come on!

And Khurram Manzoor, who played a brave innings of 80 against Aussies in the last test match, has been ignored. Sorry Khurram, you don’t qualify according to the criteria for selection in Pakistan Cricket Squad as I just mentioned above.

Another unfortunate exclusion is that of Asim Kamal. In absence of experienced batsmen in the Pakistani team, the left-hander would have been very handy especially in Test matches with his great temperament and patience, which most of the Pakistani batsmen lack.

So, this was our analysis of the Pakistan Cricket team’s selection dilemma. Still we hope Pakistani Cricket team can achieve all the success in this tour!

Your Turn Now: What do you think about the selection of Pakistani Cricket team for England tour? Which players should have been selected? What’s Ejaz Butt’s role in it? Or Anything Else…Tell in Your COMMENTS!


Murtaza Moiz said...

I totally agree with you brother, it's a one man show going on, again like you commented on my blog, this current Pakistan Cricket Board itself is a problem for Pakistani Cricket. I fear kab tak yeh azaab-e-ilahi chalay ga hamari cricket par.

Murtaza Moiz said...

and brother please raise that issue too that after clearing Younus Khan from his allegation, why another show-cause notice to him only, as I heard today! Inclusion of Younus and Asim Kamal as specialist batsmen in England would have helped strengthening Pakistan's middle order in a tough tour like England against England who has been currently beating Australia, so what else is waiting for Pakistan other than great pounding more than we got in the 2009-2010 Aussie tour, as now there are 2 tough opponents in front of us!

Qamar Zamir said...

Very well said, PCB certainly are the main culprits behind all this, they are a complete joke especially that old Ijaz Butt.

The current Pakistan squad is perfect for limited overs cricket but unfortunately for test cricket they are all unsuitable or should I say unexperienced.

Without the powerful middle order of Younis and Yousuf Pakistan are just going to get a thrashing.

There are some decent batsmen in the form of Yasir Hameed and Umar Akmal, Salman Butt has also been in form of late but I feel he's going to dissapoint in this tour with his weakness of edging outside to slip occuring frequently.

Afridi and Malik will have huge roles to play if they fire with both bat and ball, as I have always felt that any team requires a good combination of batsmen, bowlers and at least one good allrounder.

Pakistan's bowling unit is actually quite strong with some very good bowlers who can perform well on the english pitches as long as 'the greatest wicketkeeper' Akmal holds on to his catches.

The decision regarding Younis is very poor, he is a very good batsmen in the test format so why the PCB hierarchy just couldn't sit round and clear all misunderstandings is very sad.

Unfortunately it is also disappointing that good talent like Asim Kamal is wasted as he has shown whenever he has played the excellent temperament to play a test innings.

The least this squad can do is to show some good fight and application in all the matches rather than succumbing easily to defeat.

My name said...

That were negative measures by English media and a lobby, look into the performance of your team now, Your captain is feeling pain while we accepted you all treatment and still bearing with our strong nerves, we are number one because we really humiliated the test number one tean and we made their proud dust. You measures are very strong because you attacked us with media while we have very little educated players. Learn from us and work on your team and stop thinking about banning our more players, After Ajmal it is A. Rehamn now dear you really need to work on your cricket.

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