Saturday, June 5, 2010

Does Pakistan Need Shoaib Malik?

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Well it’s disappointing. The Pakistan Cricket Board has once again taken a U-turn on their decisions. After banning and fining almost all the top players of the Pakistan team, PCB has now decided to take some steps back on the issue. PCB has lifted the ban from Shoaib Malik and halved the fine of Rs.3 Million. The fines on Umer Akmal and Kamran Akmal have also been relaxed.

However, the PCB has not taken any decisions on
the former skippers Mohammed Yousaf and Younis Khan. Both these players have been banned from playing international cricket for an indefinite period. Yousaf has already announced retirement due to the PCB treatment towards him. Younis Khan has filed an appeal against the ban to the appellate tribunal of PCB. Another player, Rana Naveed-ul-Hassan is facing a one-year ban and fine.

There are numerous flaws in PCB decisions. First of all, player like Shaoib Malik has been included in the team for Asia Cup. The role of Shoaib in Pakistan's humiliating defeat in Australian tour is not a secret now. The leaked tape has enough evidence in which Shahid Afridi has said that Shoaib Malik has been a bad influence on the team and he has been violating discipline and not supporting the captain decisions. 

As the reports say, I get the feeling that Shaoib Malik has been included in the team due to heavy pressure PCB was facing from a member of National Assembly who belongs to the Sialkot. The charisma of the pressure was so powerful that the appeal filed by Malik against his ban was accepted after just a couple of hearings. While all the other appeals are still under enquiry.

This is a shame. Some people even say that Shoaib Malik has been included in the team just because he has married an Indian tennis Star, Sania Mirza.

Pakistan Cricket Board has been ridiculing cricket ever since Mr. Ejazz Butt has taken the charge of the Board. This all seems to be a drama: After the humiliating tour of Australia and New Zealand, PCB formed a committee to probe the defeat. The committee announced Ban, Fines on different players. And now all these fines and bans have been lifted.

I regret players like Mohammed Yousuf and Younis Khan have been made to suffer the most. I believe the ban on both these players were unjustified. These players might not have performed well but they did not pose negative influence on the team.

It’s ridiculous to select Malik again despite his past behavior. Who will guarantee that he will not use the same tactics to create groups/lobbies in the team? Or he will not underperform intentionally to put pressure on captain? Or he will not be involved in indiscipline issues?

No accountability! This is the most dangerous disease that can eat up the whole system. And Pakistan Cricket Board has long been suffered from this disease. There is no accountability whatsoever on part of the PCB chairman or other top authorities.  They will get paid heavily, ruin the cricket of Pakistan, politicize the game in the country, go on unnecessary international trips on PCB account, and when the President feels the chairman has had enough benefits, he will ask him to resign. Then the chairman will just move out the PCB, without any accountability! That’s what has been happening…and I am afraid that’s what will continue to happen…! God Bless Pakistan Cricket!

Your Turn Now! How do you see the PCB decision to lift ban from Shoaib Malik?  Do you think Shoaib Malik should be in the team? Will he continue to pose bad influence on team? Or he will be a changed man this time? Or anything else….Tell in Your COMMENTS!


Murtaza Moiz said...

I agree with you, specially there's no need of Shoaib Malik in the team. He isn't a team player, plus the way the PCB officials are making the players courageous by lifting the bans is a dangerous act and will pay Pakistan something in future!

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