Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cricket Regime: Who Will Replace Australia?

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Australia Cricket team has long ruled the Cricket World. In almost every Cricket World Cup, Australian Cricket team has played as favorites. They still hold the Cricket World Champions title. But, will they be able to continue their regime on Cricket World? Let’s look into it in some details!

Australia has been known as the “Unbeatable” team in world of Cricket for the most of 2000-2010 decade. They have been on No.1 spot of the ICC Team Rankings in both Tests & ODIs. Aussies team has been termed as the synonymous to “Consistency”. They got habitual of winning in every game, every tournament, and every country and under all sorts of conditions! 

But for the last year or so, Australian Cricket team seems to have been losing the grip on this Consistency. They lost their Top spot in Test Rankings to India. Australia is not even ranked No.2 in ICC Test Rankings. They have 3rd Spot after South Africa in Tests. On the other hands, although they are on No.1 in ICC ODI rankings but they are not far away from South Africa & India at No.2 and No.3 respectively. 

England lost the T20 World Cup-2010 final earlier this year to England. And now they are touring England for ODIs and the Ashes. Aussies have already lost their first 3 ODIs to England out. This means the 5-match ODI series is already won by the hosts, England.

Australia is also scheduled to play 2 Tests and 2 T20 matches against Pakistan in England. It will be great test for both Aussies and Pakistani Cricket team.

So, which Cricket team do you think has the potential to take the place of Australian Cricket Team?
South Africa, India, or…! Guess? ? ?

Yes, its England. Whatever you might think or say? But I can see that current England team is in a perfect shape to replace Australia and rule the World of Cricket! Mind you, beating Australia in a World T20 Final (that too quite comprehensively) and then in 3 consecutive ODI matches, is not a child’s play!

So, my votes are with England Cricket team. What’s your choice? 

Your Turn Now:  What do you think: Is it really the end of Aussies regime in Cricket World? Is England the right candidate to replace Aussies? Or South Africa Or India? Or Anything Else…Tell in Your COMMENTS!


Murtaza Moiz said...

I think England, South Africa (if they shed their chokers tag), and India. Pakistan has to work really hard to gain either of the top 3 positions of ICC World ODI and test rankings, but not very optimistic with them!

Paul Oxton said...

South Africa,,, or England if they have enough South Africans still playing for them.. :-)

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